Post Graduate Certificate Advanced Biblical & Theological Studies

Deepening your knowledge of and relationship with God is a journey of the heart, the spirit, and the mind. The Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Biblical and Theological Studies will help you nurture all three as you develop specialized knowledge and skills to engage in academic or expositional ministry.

Throughout the course of the program, you’ll gain a solid biblical-theological foundation and facilitate growth in godliness. When you’ve earned your certificate, you’ll be prepared for spiritual work as well as advanced graduate study.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to analyze the background of biblical passages
  • Tools and techniques for synthesizing the exegetical details of biblical passages
  • Effective methods of explaining the theological themes of biblical passages

Program Length 

At 18 semester hours, this program will take approximately one year.

Is It Offered On Campus or Online?

This certificate program is offered on campus, in a face-to-face delivery format.

What You Can Do with This Degree

With its foundational curriculum, a Postgraduate Biblical and Theological Studies Certificate can prepare you for a number of spiritual pursuits.

  • Church Service & Ministry: Teaching pastor at a church or parachurch
  • Education: Overseas theological educator
  • Postsecondary Degree: Prepare for Ph.D. work, leading to postsecondary teaching positions or other academic careers, such as Bible translation

Why Earn Your Certificate at CBS?

  • Highly engaged, hands-on classes
  • Flexible schedule that gives you the option of continuing to work while in the program
  • Professors who are practitioners of the subjects they teach and who can provide expert academic advising
  • Faculty and staff who are dedicated to getting to know you and providing not only academic support, but spiritual support and guidance as well

A thesis option to fully develop your understanding and expertise

What You Need to Know Before You Apply

Program Details

Course of Study (18 hours)

Course Number Course Credit Hours
CHL 5001 Chapel I 0
BIB 6200 Bible Backgrounds 3
GRE/HEB 6xxx Alternate Biblical Language: Book Study (Consult Advisor) 3
HOM6/7xxx Preaching Elective or 3
RES 7971 Master's Thesis 3
Choose three courses from BIB, GRE, HEB, HOM, or THE. 9

Note: This certificate program is not eligible for federal Title IV financial aid funds – i.e. Federal Direct Loans. Students who are interested in exploring other financial aid options should contact the Financial Aid Office.

Admission Requirements

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