Bible & Theology Certificate

You’re ready to grow closer to God and His teachings and to find your place in His mission. The Bible & Theology Certificate is a great place to start, giving you a solid biblical-theological foundation and facilitating growth in godliness.

You might take what you learn and apply it to the job or spiritual work you already do, or you might use it as a stepping stone to a graduate-level degree. Whatever your path, you can count on a biblical worldview informing your education and your journey every step of the way.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to interpret and apply biblical text
  • Tools and techniques for explaining, evaluating, and applying Bible doctrine
  • How to trace God’s global movement throughout the Bible

How Long It Will Take

At 30 semester hours, this program will take approximately 18 months to complete.

Is It Offered On Campus or Online?

This certificate program is offered both on campus and online. You have the option of taking a combination both. Choose the delivery format that works best for your schedule and learning style.

What You Can Do with This Degree

With its foundational curriculum, a Bible & Theology Certificate can prepare you for a number of career and spiritual pursuits.

  • Church Service & Ministry: Staff member at a church or parachurch; ministering in the marketplace
  • Mission Service: Missionary field team member
  • Education: Teacher at a Bible or Christian school
  • Postsecondary Degree: Prepare for graduate study

Why Earn Your Certificate at CBS?

  • Highly engaged, hands-on classes
  • Flexible schedule that gives you the option of continuing to work while in the program
  • Professors who are practitioners of the subjects they teach and who can provide expert academic advising
  • Faculty and staff who are dedicated to getting to know you and providing not only academic support but spiritual support and guidance as well

What You Need to Know Before You Apply

Program Details

Course of Study (30 credit hours)

Course Number Course Credit Hours
CHL 5001 Chapel I 0
BIB 5112 Genesis to Song of Solomon: God's Plan of Creation and Redemption 3
BIB 5113 Prophets: God's Message of Redemption and Judgment 3
BIB 5132 Gospels: God's Means of Providing Redemption 3
BIB 5133 Acts to Revelation: God's People Proclaiming Redemption Globally 3
BIB 5410 Hermeneutics: Interpreting and Applying the Bible 3
THE 6320 Systematic Theology in Global Christianity I 3
THE 6320 Systematic Theology in Global Christianity II 3
GLS 5115 Missions and Evangelism in the Twenty-First Century 3
GLS 6515 Understanding Cultures and Worldviews 3
MIN 5300 Foundations of Spiritual Formation 3

Admission Requirements

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Note: This certificate program is not eligible for federal Title IV financial aid funds – i.e. Federal Direct Loans. Students who are interested in exploring other financial aid options should contact the Financial Aid Office.