Master of Divinity (Muslim Studies)

Master of Divinity (Muslim Studies) expands your perspective and helps you build bridges to and minister within communities outside your own through the study of Islam. You’ll explore the theology, traditions, and worldview of Islam, gaining crucial tools and techniques for developing greater cultural understanding and for working among Muslims.

What You’ll Learn

  • Skills in identifying and analyzing cultural issues
  • Current strategies regarding the global mission of God among Muslims
  • Methods of effective cross-cultural analysis, research, and writing about the global mission of God among Muslims
  • The societal and global issues that affect Muslims and intercultural exchanges and relations
  • How to engage in high-level academic research and writing

Program Length 

Depending on your academic background, this 78-credit-hour program can take up to three years

Is It Offered On Campus or Online?

This master’s program is offered both on campus and online, so you can choose the delivery format that works best for your schedule and learning style.

Career and Ministry Opportunities with This Degree

The M.Div. (Muslim Studies) is intentionally designed to give you the credentials and skills you need to answer God’s calling. It’s versatile and easy to tailor to your plan and career goals. As a result, once you graduate, you’ll be prepared to work in a number of cross-cultural settings and communities.

  • Short-term missionary to the Muslim world
  • Career missionary to the Muslim world
  • NGO worker in the Muslim world
  • Ph.D. work or college and university teaching

Why Earn Your Master’s at CBS?

  • Highly engaged, fieldwork-oriented classes
  • Multilingual professors who have lived internationally, doing the very work they’re teaching
  • Faculty and staff who are dedicated to getting to know you and providing not only academic support but spiritual support and guidance as well
  • Internships built into the curriculum

What You Need to Know Before You Apply

Program Details

Course of Study (78 hours)

Course Number Course Hours
CHL 5001 Chapel I 0
CHL 5002 Chapel II 0
CHL 5003 Chapel III 0
Bible and Hermeneutics 15
BIB 5112  Genesis to Song of Solomon: God's Plan of Creation and Redemption 3
BIB 5113 Prophets: God's Message of Redemption and Judgment 3
BIB 5132 Gospels: God's Means of Providing Redemption 3
BIB 5133 Acts to Revelation: God's People Proclaiming Redemption Globally 3
BIB 5410 Hermeneutics: Interpreting and Applying the Bible 3
Biblical Languages 12
Choose one sequence
GRE 5110 NT Greek I: Beginning Grammar 3
GRE 5111 NT Greek II: Beginning Grammar 3
GRE 6220 Greek III: NT Greek Exegesis 3
GRE 63xx GREEK IV: Exegetical Book Study 3
HEB 5110 Hebrew I: Beginning Grammar 3
HEB 5111 Hebrew II: Beginning Grammar 3
HEB 6220 Hebrew III: From Exegesis to Exposition 3
HEB 65xx Hebrew IV: Exegetical Book Study 3
History and Theology 12
HIS 6221 History of Global Christianity I 3
HIS 6231 History of Global Christianity II 3
THE 6310 Systematic Theology in Global Christianity I 3
THE 6320 Systematic Theology in Global Christianity II 3
Worldview and Spiritual Formation
GLS 5115 Missions and Evangelism in the Twenty-first Century 3
GLS 6515 Understanding Cultures and Worldviews 3
MIN 5300 Foundations of Spiritual Formation 3
Ministry Praxis 12
CNC 6710 Short Term Counseling: Theories and Practice 3
HOM 6300 Foundations for Biblical Preaching 3
MIN 6100 Leadership and Ministry Skills 3
MIN 6344 Transformational Bible Teaching 3
Concentration 18
INT 6110 Foundation of Internship 0
INT 6217 Focused Internship I 1.5
INT 6218 Focused Internship II 1.5
ICS 5020 Introduction to Islam 3
ICS 6071 Approaches to Muslims 3
Choose three Muslim Studies courses 9

Admission Requirements

  • Completed application
  • $25 application fee
  • Official transcripts for highest earned degree and any master’s degree work
  • Church leader reference
  • Application Essay (800 words total, typed)
  • Minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA

Ready to learn about how you can enter into the Master of Divinity (Muslim Studies) program from Columbia Biblical Seminary?