Graduate & Seminary Programs

Graduate and seminary programs are designed with three critical considerations in mind:

Where You Come From: Students come to Columbia Biblical Seminary with jobs, families, and, often, prior Bible and seminary training. That’s why our degrees are flexible — so you can learn new things in classes you’ve never had before, while still meeting professional and family commitments.

Where You’re Going: CBS graduates work in numerous fields, from ministry, missionary, and pastoral careers to education, counseling, and private-sector careers. Whatever your goals, your CIU degree will prepare you for success through rigorous coursework and real-world learning opportunities.

God’s Great Mission: A biblical worldview is the core of a CBS education. No matter which degree you choose, you’ll develop greater knowledge of Christ and learn how to share His message with the world in everything you do.

Are you ready to move closer to your goals, through Him? Then we have the program to help you do it. 

Doctor of Ministerial Leadership